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About Tesco Clubcard

This article aims to help you understand the Tesco Clubcard points reward scheme, and the benefits of collecting them.


What is Tesco Clubcard?

Tesco Clubcard is the loyalty card of Tesco.

When shopping at Tesco, Clubcard holders receive points based on the amount spent. For shopping at Tesco, the customer receives one point for every £1 spent, but for most other services, which includes Tesco Fuel stations, one point is awarded for every £2 spent. Additional points can also be gained on special offers. Customers can also gain vouchers equivalent to the value of the points saved, with at least 150 Clubcard points needed for a vocuher of £1.50 to be issued.

Vouchers earned can be used to spend in store on shopping, onine for groceries, or used on Clubcard Rewards - where the points can be worth three-times their face-value on selected Rewards. These can be used for discounts on day trips, magazines, hotel stays, and at restaurants.

Contactless Clubcard

Since July 2017, Clubcard has been contactless. New customers can use the Tesco Clubcard app to sign up to Clubcard.

Where to Collect Points

Clubcard points can be collected by spending money in the following places.

  • Tesco stores (£1=1pt)
  • (£1=1pt)
  • Tesco fuel stations (£2=1pt)
  • Tesco Mobile (£2=1pt)
  • Tesco Bank(£1=1pt)
  • Tesco Wine (£2=1pt)
  • F&F (£1=1pt)
  • Esso fuelling stations (£3=1pt)
  • Shopper Thoughts (5 min survey for 150pts)

How to Collect Points

  • Contactless card - use at the checkout, or type the card number in online
  • Key fob
  • Clubcard app
  • Tesco Pay+


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Thomas Goddard

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